Technology Mediator

What if technology in the areas of production, distribution, sales, communication and philanthropy worked for the human being instead of being used only to manipulate, divide, enslave and harm other human beings?

What if cutting edge technology was open to everyone who wanted to learn and undertake and generated unity, equality and opportunities?

What if technology were used to develop collaborative projects, with transparency, so that everyone could solve problems in the cultural-local context?

With the technology available, the world has already reached a social paradox: on one hand we are all closer and more connected, but on the other hand, we end up increasingly alienated within this new cold and distant world. People feel obsolete and incapable because they do not have access to knowledge. Digital inclusion needs to be a right for all humanity. Unfortunately, disadvantaged populations and important groups such as the elderly are unable to access the digital world and end up segregated, without access to information, knowledge and opportunities.

In the professional field, more and more industries are exploring robotic solutions to replace the human aspect instead of relocating people to other areas, focusing only on numbers and productivity. The result is a sharp increase in unemployment and poverty.

FreedomeE sees technology as a tool for human development, which allows the dissemination of knowledge, access to education, generation of better opportunities and equal conditions for entrepreneurs to discover the improvement of their processes and thus positively impact society and the environment.

We strive to use the new technological world as a resource to support human beings. Our platform unites entrepreneurs, producers, influencers, investors, donors and responsible consumers, enhancing the creation the Human to Human Economy.

Do you also believe in the humanization of technology, making it an instrument for inclusive well-being? Then join us!