pillar of quality

All of us as consumers seek to purchase quality products, but we are often not willing to pay fair value.

We are not talking about luxury, but rather the intrinsic quality that a product must-have for its intended purpose, produced according to the standards of quality, safety, and transparency that must be demanded. We are talking about being able to choose products with certified raw materials and production processes, ensuring that when consuming, we are investing correctly and supporting producers that generate value in social, economic, and environmental balance.

Quality systems and certification guarantees, among other characteristics, product quality, workers’ safety conditions, the lowest environmental impacts, the least waste, and their greatest efficiency. Together, these impact the creation, development, production, logistics, communication, and sales processes.⁠

Every quality certificate should present the profile of a product and also the impact generated by its producer so that its market buys responsibly. But that is not the case. They generally offer limited responses linked to production processes linked to specific machinery, generating environmental and social impacts that are linked to the enhancement of a brand. Currently, these certificates follow the vision and objectives of their creators, and they do not always meet the real needs of the context and society in which each company is inserted.

FreedomeE has an efficient quality and value certification of communication that uses transparency and unity between consumers, service providers, producers, and philanthropists. Our health depends on transparency, the health of the planet depends on responsibility and only conscious acquisitions can save us from an irreversible collapse. We care! If you care, join us!