Human Mediator

What if all cultures talked to each other and came to the conclusion that everyone is looking to bring the same social economic sustainability?

What if a product from a developing country could be valued in the same way as a product made in a developed country?

What if, in each culture, entrepreneurs and investors generated development opportunities, and allowed their employees to become shareholders in the operation of their business, thus creating a system in which everyone is responsible and everyone wins?

What if a globally successful brand, which manufactures its products in developing countries, offers consistent social counterparts in improvements in the areas of education, training, health and basic sanitation? How much would this mean for the citizens of the supplying country, ensuring that they have the same opportunities and conditions?

People are fundamental elements for the success of any business, and FreedomeE does not agree with companies that get rich by exploring them. People are the lifeblood of all products and services and can no longer be ignored or discarded, earning miserable wages and working in inhumane conditions.

FreedomeE is dedicated and is your ally to change this paradigm and support those who sacrifice themselves to produce responsibly, who guarantee fair wages, sponsor personal and professional development and offer healthy and safe environments for their employees. Recognizes those who support society and return resources to their communities, hiring locally, respecting cultures, preserving traditional techniques and encouraging good practices, investing in training so that young and old have access to opportunities and getting involved in causes and priority social projects for the guarantee of human dignity.

⁠Do you also support social equality? So join us in the movement to build the Human to Human Economy.