Hera The Light of Women


Women empowerment is one of the fundamental causes we stand for at FreedomeE, greatly influenced by the life experience of our founder, Francesca Giobbi. Not only do we support brands from female entrepreneurs, which in turn support women in their local communities, we also work with NGOs and other institutions helping women in need.

This year, we are also proud to announce our partnership with the HERA association, an international reference when it comes to supporting women worldwide. Founded by Marianela Mirpuri, Hera promotes the creation and further development of the legal, political and conceptual bases for gender equality.

HERA aims to create a better, more equitable, and more inclusive world, while working with carefully curated ambassadors worldwide, all of them women with strong profiles and a message to be shared. Their International Calls, for instance, unite 200.000 women across the globe to help 100 women in need in a particular country or city.

Through this partnership, we aim to help Empowered Women Empower Women  around the world, uniting them under the same umbrella and promoting gender equality. We are contributing to this outstanding cause by providing exclusive conditions for female entrepreneurs to join us and become part of both Hera and FreedomeE’s communities. 

We have created an exclusive Marketing & Sales Package – Zinc – dedicated to Hera’s micro-entrepreneurs partners, with unique conditions that allow them access to our marketplace, a global network of influencers and commercials and content creation for as little as 10€/month.

Additionally, we will grant a yearly membership to the Hera Association, to all partner brands that purchase one of our marketing packages.