Environmental Mediator

What if the entire production chain were integrated and connected and there was no excess production, excess logistics and excess marketing generating waste that culminates in heavy environmental impacts?

Once we understand that the waste caused by investments without integration produces brutal effects, we realize that the only solution to minimize negative environmental impacts is through direct and simplified access to the consumer, promoting the partnership between the B2B2C2P connectors. (business to business to consumer to philanthropy).

FredomeE proposes to be this connector, an innovative matrix in continuous improvement, promoting connection, communication and training solutions, distributing you, your business and your partners: better logistics = better sales = less waste = less environmental impact = better results.

In addition, FreedomeE supports and promotes brands and companies that respect, invest and implement practices in favor of the environment in their production, logistics, communication and sales processes. ⁠

The biggest driver of change is YOU! As a conscious consumer, you have the power to demand that companies adopt these practices, boycotting their products if they don’t; YOU have the power to consume responsibly, opting for high quality, environmentally friendly products with adequate life cycles that can be safely recycled, reused or disposed of after use; YOU have the power to change the current paradigm by choosing the right partners! ⁠

So ask yourself … “is what I’m doing enough?” ⁠

If you want to do more and better, join us!