Economic Mediator

What if all of us could monetize our talents freely, without feeling limited or restricted with so much bureaucracy? Why is it so hard to build a business and be successful, make enough to live and not simply just to survive?

What if everybody had access to investments and credit with non abusive conditions?

Why do we always face barriers that generate a negative impact and depreciation that condemn our efforts and produce inequality?

The great problem of the current economy is the individual investments, outside an integrated model, such in the industry, as in the commercial sector, in the distribution and even in marketing. This fragmentation always favors the strongest or the “more connected”, allowing that he wins every time and with more ease, and this factor generates negatively, that is, the heavy impacts of the supply chain that arrives to us.

Meanwhile the consumers don’t validate their supplier, they believe in misinformation, and the international funds connected to the stock market continues to invest selectively in the industry, the commerce and the brands, the waste, the predatory competition, and the unjust society continues walking together.

FreedomeE proposes the minimization of this problem through integrating the investments in the industry, uniting distribution, logistics, commerce and marketing, replacing channels that are cauterized by disruptive innovations.

(Product delivery and service with quality and transparency)

We know almost everything about price and absolutely nothing about value. The industry of the XX century ran through a long path establishing the concept of low price that depends on scale production. This model consolidated itself as the main axes of consumption of large populations. The problem is that this productive model disregards the cultural context, working conditions, resources, and impacts on people and the environment. The result is a gradual commitment to quality, satisfaction and consumer confidence. The current economy knows everything about price and logistics, but it cares little about valuing and preserving human beings and the environment. And that is the challenge of the XXI century.

We are all part of this context and unconsciously finance injustices that are imposed on thousands of families around the world, living in miserable conditions. We have to regain consciousness and assume responsibility, solidarity and persistent attitude, because we vote with our daily consumption, regardless of whether it is large or small.

By consuming you are driving the entrepreneur and practices behind that product. Have you ever wondered if you are an honest entrepreneur? Transparent? Worried about the human being and the environment? Or does it only aim at its own benefit? This questioning is essential so that we can promote changes without outsourcing our responsibility. FreedomeE is an ecosystem that certifies consumers and entrepreneurs based on the 5 pillars, strengthens your personal, professional and social values, promotes ethics and connects you to many benefits.

FreedomeE is an ecosystem that unites entrepreneurs, producers, ambassadors influencers, consumers, investors and philanthropic sands from various areas, sizes and nationalities that aim to positively impact and create the “Human to Human ” economy.

No Ecossistema FreedomeE usuários podem se monetizar enquanto produzem, indicam, influenciam, vendem ou investem.
Cada usuário se beneficia financeiramente a cada transação econômica, de acordo com sua função.

In Freedome Ecosystem, users can monetize themselves while producing, indicating, influencing, selling or investing.
Each user benefits financially from each economic transaction, according to its function. join-us!