BDM – Golden Merchant bonus

BDM Digital was created by the Dakila Research Association, a non-profit and socially responsible institution. All of its projects, actions, and research aims at the common good, development, and social transformation.

For 20 years, the Dakila Association, together with its thousands of members, developed, tested, and evaluated several mechanisms to develop an independent and self-sustainable internal economy, resulting in the creation of BDM Digital.

A financial and technological alternative developed to mitigate the impacts caused by the instability of the economic system, increase the population’s purchasing power and encourage the growth of small and large entrepreneurs. Its principles are based on values ​​such as freedom, dignity, and equality.

BDM stands out for being the only encrypted digital currency, with EIN, address, and tangible-based security. It uses its own Blockchain technology, which ensures privacy, security, and protection for information and transactions.
Known as “digital money”, BDM is the only encrypted currency with practical use in everyday life and worldwide coverage, that is, created for everyone, without distinction, without limits or borders. A currency that values according to its own movement, circulation, purchase, and sale. Therefore, it does not have a speculative nature.

It provides countless benefits and possibilities for its users, connecting people and businesses. With BDM Digital it is possible to buy, sell, transfer, withdraw and negotiate quickly and without bureaucracy, in addition to being an excellent investment opportunity. To join, download the application that is simple and free of charge.

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