Female Entrepreneurship in India

India is known for being a country with a big social difference division. The economic discrepancy is noted in different regions. Besides, Indian women face a culture that is still patriarchal, mainly with pressure to marry. However, they have increasingly conquered spaces dominated by men and started their businesses.

We want to share here three entrepreneurial initiatives led by women who are breaking down cultural and economic barriers. The first is Hey Deedee, created by Revathi Roy, which offers a solution to motorcycle delivery problems. Deliveries are made by a female fleet. Women are trained by Zaffiro Learning Pvt Ltd, which aims to empower underprivileged women by training them on two wheels and guaranteeing them a job on the platform.

The second initiative is directed by Suhani Mohan, called Saral Designs, a company that aims to impact women who do not use menstrual hygiene products, solving the problem by creating awareness and access to these products. In developing countries, due to poor infrastructure, distribution costs make products more expensive and many brands do not serve remote locations. However, there is an immense potential for local production that not only reduces distribution costs, making absorbents more accessible but also creates local livelihood opportunities.

It is worth remembering that menstruation is taboo in Indian society, especially for women living in the hundreds of villages around the country. A recent documentary on this subject is “Absorbing the Taboo”, available on Netflix.

Finally, Wishberry, created by businesswomen Priyanka Agarwal and Anshulika Dubey, is a crowdfunding platform focused on the creative industry. For them, crowdfunding is all about creating a community around a project. The people who finance the project also help to publicize the project. It is a matter of asking many people for small amounts of money, instead of finding one or two people to give you a big check. That’s how businesswomen help India’s creative industry.

FreedomeE believes that female entrepreneurship is an efficient path in the construction of a just and equal society. For this reason, creating awareness towards these projects is essential for our journey toward the construction of a positively impacted ecosystem.