Human and product quality

For FredomeE, the term “quality” means more than attributes of the product itself, but it also relates to the quality of life and values ​​that a company applies in the human treatment of its entire production chain.

This month the FreedeomeE. com platform has become a robust Digital Place that will act as a marketplace, promoting good products and brands; it will have a social network space dedicated to creating communities and sharing the human and professional values ​​of all entrepreneurs, service providers, consumers, and influencers who will be part of this network; also, we will have an education area with pioneering content based on our pillars: economy, social and cultural, technology, environment, and QUALITY.

Developing quality management involves different aspects, such as:
– Reliability: This aspect is directly linked to the notion or perception of durability. Products with longer life spam implicitly have more investments made in the product.
– Performance: Tells about the general aspects of the product compared to its competitors.
– Compliance: Refers to the approximation of the final product to the initial project in which it was carried out. How much of the theory, or the paper, actually gets to the customer. It directly involves aspects of productivity, well-used resources, and standardized production.
– Appearance: It is the visual and aesthetic profile of your product. It is how the customer sees your product. It goes beyond design and is also linked to usability for the segment.
– Support: This point concerns the capacity and competence of the team of employees responsible for the after-sales experience and maintenance of the product. Solving the product problem and achieving customer expectations are the motives for this parameter to add quality to your product.
– Perceived quality: Similar to appearance, but a more subjective characteristic. It is the perception of the customer or consumer of the sector about your product. It is linked to the marketing, branding, and reputation of the product to which your client is exposed.
– Service: It is linked to support, but in this element, the customer does not necessarily have a problem. Here the consumer experiences the speed and ease of establishing contact with the company in which he has already acquired, or will even acquire, the product.
– Features: This aspect includes all the specifics and differentials of your product. These are points that will highlight to the consumer the relevance of your product to the market and draw attention to any direct or indirect benefit offered by the product.
Controlling the quality of the product is to standardize inspections, routines, and always govern its production in line with the parameters predetermined by the organization. In this way, quality management makes it possible to coordinate all the points involved in production processes and, systematically, to generate long-term advantages.

We cannot forget the importance of choosing certified raw materials and knowing the origin of these materials in guaranteeing product quality. Our purpose is to value organizations that act transparently and fairly. In this sense, the quality of the product is directly linked to the qualification of the process and the production steps, in the sense of creating quality and durable products, but also in the internal control that prioritizes the quality of fair and adequate conditions for all the workers in its network. The absence of this control disqualifies any company from making a positive impact on the world.

Performing efficient quality management is laborious, but it brings many advantages to the business since it results in:
– Optimization of resources and professional performance;
– Competitive advantage;
– Better relationship with suppliers;
– Ideal Optimal logistics;
– Time and production optimization;
– Reduction of costs and losses;
– Customer and sector loyalty;
– Image improvement;
– Compliance with deadlines;
– Humanization and valorization of the worker;
– Transparency of process;
– Marketing potential.

If you are an entrepreneur keep all these aspects in mind and join us to create a network of the positive and more human impact of global production systems.

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